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You said, we did

In January 2019, we wrote to all tenants asking for views on the proposals to change the conditions of tenancy.

Below, we set out the main points that tenants raised and what we did or changed as a result. This is an overview, we can also send you the full document in the post if you want a copy.

We have edited the comments we received.

You said

A full Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) has been carried out to assess the effect of the proposed changes. The EIA did not find that any group was advantaged or disadvantaged disproportionately.

We added in to clause 4.2 that we consider making false, frivolous or malicious allegations is deemed to be Anti Social Behaviour (ASB).

We spoke to the respondent, and made some changes to the clause to make it clearer what we meant.

We changed the wording in the clause to make it clearer that this refers to blockages in pipes.

We have clarified the clause to include “vermin”.

We removed the need to request permission for we mobility scooter as we felt it would be unmanageable.

We clarified the clause and added “banned” so people could understand.

There were also a number of other comments made which did not lead to any changes being made to the conditions, although these were all considered.

Read a summary of comments made from the statutory consultation with tenants (PDF).