Privately owned empty homes

Our empty homes scheme can help you unlock the value of your empty property.

Further information

National Empty Homes Week

National Empty Homes Week runs from 16-22 October. The aim of is to showcase and inspire successful examples of bringing empty property back into use. We will be raising awareness of the work of the Empty Homes Team throughout the week. 

There are currently 4819 properties registered empty in Leicester City, however this also includes properties that are empty while their residents move, are under short term renovations and also properties where council tax have not been informed that the property is empty.

Many owners do not realise that once their property has been empty for two years, they will be charged an additional 50 per cent council tax. In addition, empty properties can also lose potential rental income for their owners and can deteriorate quickly which reduces their value and amount of equity.

How you can bring your property back into occupation

There are a number of ways owners can bring their property back into occupation:

  • It may be possible to let the property to HomeCome – an information guide is available on their website at the following address,
  • They may decide to occupy the property themselves, let it to tenants or sell it.
  • If they decide to improve the property we can supply an Adults and Housing Departments list of builders.
  • Normally VAT on refurbishment work is 20 per cent, it may be possible to reduce this amount to 5 per cent for certain refurbishment work where a residential property has been empty for years years.

How we can help

We offer a range of services designed to make privately owned empty properties available for housing again.

When we receive notification that a property has been empty for 18 months or more, we will work with the owners to bring that property back into use. They will be offered advice, support and guidance about various options for the property.

You can report an empty home using the quick link at the top of this page.

In extreme cases where the owner chooses not to work with us, or an owner cannot be found, we will enforce a compulsory purchase order as a last resort.

Signs that a property might be an empty home

  • It may be boarded up
  • There could be overgrown gardens spilling out on to public footpaths or neighbouring property
  • It may have been vandalised or become a site for fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour
  • There could be issues with vermin infestation
  • A property that looks in good condition, but has definitely been empty for over 18 months

If you suspect a home may be empty and could be brought back into use, please call or email us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

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