Attracting investment, jobs and skills

I am determined to ensure that Leicester is seen as the strategically important business destination it is.

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The reputation as a highly skilled and young workforce is continuing to grow with a variety of national and international businesses. It is a great location for new and established businesses.

As confirmed by the UK Growth Dashboard, Leicester equalled London in producing the fastest growing businesses in England. We have continued to establish our commitment with the local universities to encourage student businesses and new start-ups which has encouraged the retention of talent within the city.

Leicester's award winning inward investment service continues to grow, supporting the leverage of private sector finance into the city - this includes the recent investment of over £26m by IBM and Hastings Direct securing a large number of permanent jobs and opportunities. Through these successes, I am resolute that investment service areas will get the support needed to ensure growth for the city. Our dedicated website,, provides further information on the team's specialised expertise and available support on the city's investment opportunities and projects.

Phase 2 of the Economic Action Plan was launched in December 2015, which continues the strategic objective of encouraging investment into the city.

Since the launch of the Economic Action Plan in 2012:

  • 1450 businesses across the city have been supported
  • More than 250 local businesses have received direct financial assistance
  • More than 4,600 jobs are in the process of being created 
  • Over 1,000 jobs have been created through the IBM and Hasting Direct investments within the city.
  • Youth unemployment is continuing to fall along with the growth in talent retention through the work of the Apprenticeship Hub and University partnerships
  • Over 500 new apprenticeship positions have been supported including more than 140 within the council itself. 
  • We have helped steer 135 startups in connection with the University programmes that are supported.
  • The manufacturing sector in particular is showing strong signs of growth, particularly in food and drink and textiles. 

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