Belgrave Gate and Mansfield Street link road

We’re planning to improve bus reliability and reduce journey times for buses leaving the city centre by building a new link road between Belgrave Gate and Mansfield Street.

Further information

The new link road would provide a much quicker route out of the city centre for buses leaving the Haymarket bus station and would also provide a new pedestrian route between Leicester’s two bus stations.

As part of the scheme, Mansfield Street would be upgraded to make it more suitable for buses. 

Planning permission was granted in April 2017. 

What happens next?

Before the new road can be built, the city council needs to acquire the land it requires for the scheme, including land in the area that is currently used as a car park and parts of access roads to properties facing Belgrave Gate and Church Gate. 

Talks with the owners of the land have been under way since 2014, but attempts to buy it by negotiation have been unsuccessful. The city council has now started the legal process that will give it the powers it needs to acquire the land and the access rights required for the new road. 

What is a Compulsory Purchase Order?

CPOs can be used by local authorities to assemble land for complex regeneration projects which are in the public interest, particularly those which involve multiple land ownerships. 

Notices have been served to the owners and other parties affected by the order. 

Any objections to the CPO must be submitted within the deadline set out in the press notice and notice served on the affected owners and occupiers.

The Secretary of State for Transport will then decide if the objections can be dealt with by written representations or by a public inquiry. 

If the CPO is confirmed, the city council could take possession of the site following a decision by the Secretary of State. It is anticipated that construction of the new road would be getting under way in late 2018. A note setting out a brief explanation of the CPO process is included below.