City centre improvements

These projects are helping us deliver the wider vision to reconnect the historic buildings, heritage sites and the modern heart of the city.

Further information

These are key projects that are part of the wider Connecting Leicester vision to reconnect the city and improve the social and economic benefits of the areas.

Silver Street

Silver Street's paving had been refurbished  to mark the entrances to the Malcolm Arcade, Royal Arcade and St Martin's Shopping Centre.  

New Walk Extension, Newarke Street and Southgates

The stunning tree lined Georgian promenade to the historic heart of the city will be extended all the way to the Newarke area. Newarke Street has been refurbished to enhance the pedestrian and cycle thoroughfare. Widening the pavement, linking the route from Jubilee Square via Southgates and Applegate and making it easier to cross the inner ring road is also being planned.


A new pedestrian-friendly route has been creating an attractive approach to the 15th century built Wygston's House helping to link all of the city’s heritage attractions with its modern shopping areas.

Berridge Street

Berridge Street, the short stretch connecting Pocklington's Walk with Grey Friars, has benefited from pedestrian-friendly improvements. Existing footways and the pavement on the west side of the street have been widened for pedestrians. 

Guildhall Lane

Guildhall Lane has be re-paved and new seating and trees added, creating a pleasant sitting area and entrance to the north porch of the cathedral and the Guildhall. Guildhall Lane now provides pedestrian-friendly access to the new Jubilee Square and 15th century Wygston's House. 

Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane has been revamped as part of our aspirations to extend the pedestrian routes to the centre of Leicester. New features include large trees and planters with bench seating and a paved roadway.

Hotel Street, Grey Friars and St Martins

Extension to the city centre pedestrian-friendly routes to Hotel Street, Grey Friars and St Martins provide links to Leicester' rich heritage, but it will also increase accessibility through to Leicester Market and other streets

Welford Road

We have created better footpaths and a separate cycle lane along a stretch of Welford Road, from Newarke Street to Lancaster Walk. The new two-way cycle lane has replaced the bus lane on Welford Road.

Pavements have been improved to create a more attractive environment for pedestrians and cyclists travelling to key destinations such as the two universities, Jubilee Square, Cathedral Gardens, King Richard III Visitor Centre, and the New Walk Centre development site. Key features of the development are:

  • Maintenance of the existing three lanes of general traffic.
  • A bus-only link at the junction of Welford Road and Infirmary Road.
  • New crossing at the junction of Mill Street and Welford Road.
  • Review of existing kerbside parking arrangements.
  • Relocation of some bus stops.