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Connecting Leicester projects

Connecting Leicester has seen a number of significant improvements to create and provide a safe and connected city. You can see completed transport projects below.

Abbey Park Road improvements

As part of our successful bid to the Transforming Cities Fund, works were completed in March 2020 as part of Tranche 1 to improve a stretch of Abbey Park Road to create a two-way cycle track.

It is important that we extend and provide safe links into outlying neighbourhoods and encourage more people to make the shift from the car to more sustainable forms of transport. A cycle track has been created on the opposite side of the road to Abbey Park, the footpath has also adjusted with the existing central reservation removed, and two lanes of traffic maintained.

These works are intended to be the first stage of longer-term improvements that could be made to the road.

Lancaster Road cycle improvement scheme

The Lancaster Road cycle improvement scheme has been delivered as part of the Connecting Leicester programme to provide a safer and more direct cycle route between the Clarendon Park area and the city centre. We have created a two-way cycle lane from the Queens Road and Victoria Park Road junction across Victoria Park and adjacent to Lancaster Road. The new cycle route is approximately 1km in length.

New cycle paths have been created across Victoria Park adjacent to the existing footpath connecting Queens Road and Peace Walk, along the full length of Lancaster Road, including a new cycle path through the edge of Nelson Mandela Park. The new route links with the cycle lane on Welford Road, creating a continuous and safer route for cyclists to and from the city centre. This scheme also delivered improvements to existing footways and crossing facilities to benefit pedestrians.

As part of the scheme, Lancaster Road has been made one-way between its junction with De Montfort Street and the ring road Meaning traffic can no longer turn onto Lancaster Road from Tigers Way.

York Road improvements

As part of the ongoing Connecting Leicester programme, we’ve improved the link between King Street, De Montfort University and Bede Park by making improvements to the York Road area. This has included the pedestrianisation of York Road leading onto Oxford Street from Upper Brown Street, and also towards Welford Road. Vehicle access has been retained for residents and businesses only.

Newarke Street car park has also seen improvements with traffic now required to turn left onto Welford Road when departing. Bonners Lane has also been made one way towards Oxford Street - traffic needing to access Bonners Lane can do so by turning left into Grange Lane.

A segregated cycle way has been installed on Grange Lane with new crossing points. Public access has also been improved with new surfaces on the footways and carriageway.