New proposals

London Road artist impression

I asked for comments and feedback on the London Road. Welford Road, Belvoir Street works and Belgrave Gate improvements. All are part of our ongoing Connecting Leicester programme.

Further information

Clock Tower and Church Gate street improvements

We are planning to pedestrianise an area of the city centre to north of the Clock Tower. We hope to improve access for buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians, and support and encourage regeneration in the area. Key features of the plan include: 

  • Construction of a bus and taxi only road across the former ABC cinema site.
  • Improvements to traffic flow and pedestrian safety on Mansfield Street.
  • A better pedestrian link between the Haymarket and St Margaret’s bus stations.
  • Pedestrianisation of part of Church Gate, Haymarket and part of Belgrave Gate.
  • An improved environment to create an area where people feel safe and want to visit.
  • A new taxi rank on Belgrave Gate near the theatre steps.
  • High quality surfacing to complement the existing city centre pedestrian zone.

Old Town streets improvement

We’re proposed to make improvements to five streets in our Greyfriars conservation area, extending improvements recently completed on Applegate, Peacock Lane and around Hotel Street.

New Street, Wycliffe Street and Marble Street will be reconstructed in natural porphyry sets stone to match improvement recently made on Applegate and Peacock Lane.

Friars Lane and Millstone Lane will also be improved, with footpaths reconstructed with high-quality concrete block paving and carriageways resurfaced in asphalt.

Footpaths would be widened, and new trees planted, to create more attractive route for pedestrians through the historic area. The proposals would also bring the five streets into the existing restricted zone around Peacock Lane.

Other proposed improvements

Along Belvoir Street the pavements have been widened and reconstructed in high quality materials. A contraflow cycle lane has been introduced to provide a link from the cycle lane on Newarke Street to the one on Welford Road.

The Belvoir Street proposals have seen loading bays maintained and pay and display parking moved onto Stamford Street. We have also removed of traffic signals along Belvoir Street.

The next phase of development began in Spring 2017.

More detailed plans of Belvoir Street can be found below:

Belgrave Gate improvements

We’re proposing to improve the stretch of the road linking Leicester’s Golden Mile to the city centre. The idea is to create a safer and more attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists along Belgrave Gate, from the new Haymarket Bus Station to Belgrave Circle.

A new off-road cycle lane will be created on both sides of Belgrave Gate, between Abbey Street and Burleys Way, and footpaths will be reconstructed. The road will be narrowed, with the traffic lanes reduce to one in each direction. The road will be resurfaced, with bus stops and new loading bays built in.

Improvements will also be proposed to the Burleys Way roundabout, with a new shared footpath and cycleway running underneath the flyover, proving a more direct and safer route along Belgrave Gate.

The existing Lotus Flowers public art could be relocated to nearby Archdeacon Lane next to Charter Street, where a new bridge is due to be installed to provide an additional entrance into Abbey Park.

North of Burleys Way, a separate cycleway and footpath will be created along the central reservation, to link in with improvements made to Belgrave Circle following the removal of the flyover. This will require the removal of the existing inbound bus lane between Melton Street and St Mark's Street. 

If the Belgrave Gate proposals are approved, work is expected to begin in January 2018 and could take up to a year to complete.

You can view the plans and artists impressions on the documents below:

York Road improvements

We’re proposing to improve the link between King Street, De Montfort University and Bede Park. The improvements include; part pedestrianisation of a section of York Road leading onto Oxford Street from Upper Brown Street, and also a part of York Road towards Welford Road. There will still be vehicle access for residents and businesses as part of the proposals. In appearance, York Road will look similar to Silver Street, with the footway widened in some sections.

Traffic leaving Newark Street car park will be required to turn left onto Welford Road, with improvements made to the car park too.

Bonners Lane will be made a one way towards Oxford Street. Traffic that turns left into Bonners Lane from Oxford Street will be able to access the area by turning left into Grange Lane. The junction between Carlton Street and Oxford Street will be opened to traffic. Alongside this, a segregated cycle way on Grange Lane with new crossing points is also being proposed. Public access will also be improved with new surfaces on the footways and the carriage way.

If these proposals are approved, work could begin in early 2019 and take up to five months to complete.

You can see the plan below: