Vaughan Way improvement works FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers relating to our improvement works on Vaughan Way and Great Central Street.

Further information

The project

What does this project involve?

The highways works on Vaughan Way and Great Central Street are part of a £50M major city centre redevelopment project by Charles Street Buildings; this scheme received planning permission in October 2017 and will start on site in 2018. The development scheme includes 2 new hotels, 35,000 sqft of new office accommodation the refurbishment of Great Central Station, new high quality public realm including the removal of traffic from Great Central Street and a new super crossing at Vaughan Way linking this new development and provider greater connectivity with wider Waterside area with the city centre.

The next phase of work begins on Vaughan Way on 17 June.

  • Temporary signals will be moved and road markings changed, which will adjust the road layout slightly.
  • Pedestrian crossings will be moved. There will be signs at street level to direct people.
  • The left turn from High Cross Street to Vaughan Way will be available once more from Monday 18 June.

Why is this work being done?

The highways works are part of the City Mayor’s Connecting Leicester programme, the super crossing and new public realm will create connectivity with the new development site and the new Waterside development.

What will be the benefits?

Over £50M of private sector investment in the City Centre, resulting in a site which has been vacant for almost forty years will be brought back into economic use. The site will create new permanent jobs within the city centre, and hundreds of construction jobs. The development will create a new area of high quality public realm and greater connectivity between the city centre and the Waterside regeneration.  The new development creates a high level of confidence in this part of the city, this development and the council’s investment is stimulating further private sector development in the area.

How much will the work cost? Who is paying for it and who is carrying it out?

The highway works are approximately £3M of the contract. CSB’s contractor is responsible for delivering the whole scheme, of which the highway works are an element. The council is contributing £2.4m towards the highway works. The developer is responsible for the balance of highway costs and all new public realm costs

What will it look like when finished?

Please see the artists impressions on the Vaughan Way improvement works page.

When will the work take place?

Construction work starts in January 2018. the highway works will take approximately forty weeks and therefore should be completed in autumn 2018. The overall development is due for completion in August 2019

What was the planning process?

Planning permission was granted for the development in October 2017. The highway works didn’t require planning approval.


Will traffic be disrupted?

From Monday, April 23, major changes will begin on the junction of Vaughan Way and Highcross Street, which are expected to last until June. 

From 17 June, phase two of the works will come into effect, which will involve changing the road la your of Vaughan Way slightly. 

Will a diversion be put in place?

During that time Highcross Street will remain open but traffic will not be able to turn left onto Vaughan Way. Instead, motorists will have to take a diversion via Sanvey Gate and St Margaret’s Way.

The left turn onto Vaughan Way from Highcross street will be reinstated from 18 June.

Will lanes be closed?

The work also involves some overnight lane closures between 7pm and 6am but two lanes will remain open to traffic at all times.

What other traffic measures will be in place?

Temporary traffic signals will be in place at the junction during the works.

What else is happening on the main road?

Work is currently taking place to construct a new lane on the westbound carriageway of Vaughan Way between Causeway Lane and Highcross Street. Again, some overnight lane closures are taking place to minimise traffic disruption. 

Roadworks linked to the new developments in Great Central Street will also be completed this month, although the road will no longer be a through route for traffic. It will reopen to pedestrians once the building work is complete.

The local area

Will there be noise disruption for local residents and businesses?

Unfortunately, yes. Residents and businesses living near the redevelopment areas will be kept up to date on issues such as noise and disruption from the works. 

More information

If you have any other queries or concerns, please contact our customer service centre on 0116 454 1001 between 8am and 6pm (Monday to Friday).

In an emergency, please call 07813 565 589. 

The plans for the works are attached at the bottom of this page.