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Workplace Parking Levy

We are investigating the potential introduction of a workplace parking levy for the city to encourage car commuters to consider other modes of transport, and to provide a sustained funding source to implement the sustainable transport measures proposed in the draft Leicester Transport Plan.

This is based broadly on the scheme introduced in Nottingham and would mean that employers would be charged a levy on commuter car parking spaces. Any workplace parking levy payments received could only be spent on transport improvements.

Extensive feasibility work and impact assessment as part of a full business case is underway and initial proposals on an emerging scheme and what the levy could fund will be subject to consultation alongside the draft Leicester Transport Plan.

Work will include consideration of the potential for parking displacement from existing employer car parks to adjacent residential areas and the need for parking controls to manage this.

Following this initial stage of consultation, a formal consultation on a detailed Workplace Parking Levy business case is expected later this year.

If taken forward, the workplace parking levy will require approval by the Secretary of State for Transport. Workplace parking levy receipts would contribute to delivery of the Leicester Transport Plan projects post 2024.