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We are aware of an error with a small number of direct debits, which we are working with our bank to correct. If you have been affected, for more details call 0116 454 1010.
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Increasing school places

It is essential to ensure that in Leicester, we have sufficient school places and that our schools meet aspirations, raise standards and reduce gaps in attainment.

In response to a growing need, we have created approximately 5,000 additional school places since 2015.

Over the last few years, we have also invested over £350m in our secondary and special educational schools as part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, by re-building or re-modelling each of our schools to provide 21st century facilities to enable pupils and staff to have the best possible facilities in which to learn.

We have also invested over £27m into our primary schools as part of a programme of expansion to provide additional classrooms for an increased demand for places.

Looking forward, Leicester remains popular for school places and together with the increases in birth rates and the continued in-migration to our city, we are developing a school place planning strategy in consultation with our schools and colleges that will look to provide additional capacity over the next few years.