Reducing homelessness and increasing affordable housing

Our priority is to prevent people from becoming homeless, but we are also improving services for people who do lose their homes, and for those who are sleeping rough in the city.

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We spend more than £5 million a year to prevent and tackle homelessness. In 2018, we set out a new five-year plan to reduce homelessness, and this includes innovative ways we set out to develop services and work better with our partners. 

These include creating 10 new, short-stay units for people who won’t take up our offers of longer-term help; and we have opened a new recovery centre – No.5 Hill Street – which offers treatment to Leicester’s street drinkers and those with drug addiction problems.

We are also part of a new Leicester Homeless Partnership, which is bringing together local charities and other organisations to ensure we work together better to help people who are homeless or have street lifestyles.

Our five-year plan includes building our own council houses, and earlier this year we launched our new company, Housing Leicester Ltd, which will begin building houses in Spring 2019. 

We are helping to further increase affordable housing in the city by selling land for £1 to local charities and housing associations. This has already created almost 300 new affordable homes, that would have cost the council £29 million to build. 

Almost all of these have gone to people on our register who were waiting for council homes.

Find out more about what we're doing to reduce homelessness and how we're increasing affordable housing below.

Josh's story

Josh's story

Josh found himself on the streets after he was evicted from a shared flat. He had a long history of misusing drugs and alcohol, as well as poor mental health and a history of offending. See how the Outreach Team and our partners helped him out this situation.
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