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Draft Tree Strategy

I have published the council's draft Tree Strategy 2018-2023, and am seeking comments and views on its contents ahead of formal adoption in the new year.

Further information

Trees are an invaluable part of Leicester’s public realm. Therefore, I would welcome any thoughts and contributions on this key document, as it will play a vital role when it comes to the management of these important assets.

The draft strategy sets out how the council manages its trees and how we provide support for the tree stock in private ownership. It also sets out our policies to guide and improve the management of Leicester's trees, and details the actions that we believe need to be taken.

The Tree Strategy aims to:

  • Ensure that the current level of tree canopy under the council's control is sustained and the quality is improved.
  • Ensure trees under the council's control are managed with the intention of resolving conflicts and problems in a rational, consistent and economic way. 
  • Encourage private land owners to manage their trees in part though the appropriate use of tree protection legislation.

We need details of how we will monitor our progress against the strategy. This document details all specific actions that will be implemented to ensure the aims of the strategy are met.  We intend to review our progress against our actions every 12 months. 

Please do have a look through the draft strategy and and write to me by the end of January 2018 to share your thoughts and observations. Any feedback received will be considered as part of agreeing the final strategy.