CrowdFund Leicester

I have launched a crowd funding platform for Leicester, to support local community projects. If you have a great idea to improve your local area, CrowdFund Leicester can help make it a reality.

Further information

Our city is built on its communities. People coming together to improve their surroundings and provide local services to each other help make Leicester a great place to live. Now, I want to give you the opportunity to get your local project off the ground.

From community gardens and street murals to festivals and sports facilities, Leicester has a new way to support Local projects. CrowdFundLeicester is my initiative to engage communities to work together to make innovative ideas a reality.

Crowdfunding works like this: proposals for projects are put online, and those that attract enough funding can go ahead. I will provide land to help deliver projects, and the Community Engagement Fund will also allow me to back the best ones with up to £10,000 extra funding.

For more information about CrowdFundLeicester, and to set up your own project, please follow the quick link at the top of this page. You can also follow @CrowdFundLeic on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.