Coronavirus in Leicester

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Your questions answered on community testing

We understand you may have questions on how community testing works. We have put together frequently asked questions to try to answer your queries and provide further information.

Further information

In order to stop the virus being passed on we need to track it down and make sure people who are infected don’t pass it on to others. Testing as many people as possible is how we will do this.

Some people have no symptoms and may unknowingly pass on the virus to their family, friends and others. If you’re offered a test, please take it and help to stop the transmission of the virus.

Our volunteers are from a range of organisations including the city council, health services and local universities. They will all have ID as shown below.

Community testing identification badge

They will ask for your name, address and contact information so your test results can be sent to you. They will never ask for banking information.

We aim to cover as many streets as possible, but we won’t always get to every single household. You can still book an appointment for a test. Get further details on our latest updates page.

Yes, there are testing centres at several locations in the city. You can find details on our latest updates page.

No. Some people find it slightly uncomfortable but that’s all. You need to push a swab up your nose and another one down your throat and then pop them into the container provided. You can see an image of the home testing kit below.

Coronavirus home testing kit

Yes, it’s up to you if you want to be tested. We would urge you to take the opportunity if you are offered it. Testing will help us to find the virus, stop it being spread, and end the Leicester lockdown.

We aim to pick up tests from households within an hour. The tests are valid for 48 hours from the time they are taken.

We aim for results to be back within 48 hours, but in most cases they are back within 24 hours.

If you have symptoms you must stay at home and isolate until you have the result. If your test is negative you must still follow the lockdown rules currently in force in Leicester. You can find these at GOV.UK.

No. More testing will help us find the virus and stop it being spread. The good news is that we are doing thousands more tests and the number of positive cases is coming down.