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Coronavirus information in other languages

Find guidance on coronavirus in your chosen language and share them within your community.

British Sign Language (BSL) helpline

If you need coronavirus advice or information in BSL via SMS, FaceTime, WhatsApp, email, Facebook messenger and Glide you can contact Robin Ash using the details below:

Other resources

Translated information by Leicester NHS

Videos in different languages, mental health support, easy read, large print and sign language resources

Coronavirus infographics in 40 languages

Get translated infographics on wellbeing, face coverings, spread and prevention

Coronavirus migrant information service

Information to support migrants who may face linguistic barriers in navigating complex information. The information is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Romanian.

Resources for the Roma community

General information, messages from Roma community members, information for the Slovakian community, information in Romanes and information for the Romanian community .

South Asian Health Foundation

Resources about coronavirus in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati.