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Easements to the Care Act

Adult social care in Leicester is working hard to make sure people continue to get all the care and support they need in this difficult time. Emergency legislation (Coronavirus Act 2020) allows local authorities to make changes to social care services. These are called Care Act easements.

What are easements?

Easements are legal changes that mean local authorities do not need to follow all the rules normally required under the Care Act. However, if councils make any changes they must always protect people’s human rights.

The new legislation should only be used when necessary and for the shortest time possible. If our capacity is affected by coronavirus, we could use easements to ensure that people with the greatest needs continue to have these met.

Read full details on GOV.UK of the measures which local authorities could use.

Are we using the easements?

No. We are operating as close to normal considering social distancing measures. Our staff and service providers are continuing to do a great job providing existing support. We also have the capacity to support new people who might need our assistance.

Some services, such as day centres, are not operating as usual. This is to ensure people who are at greatest risk are kept safe through social distancing. However, day centre staff are providing alternative support to people who would usually attend. 

We are reducing the number of face to face visits that we make, where these are not essential. Again this is to support social distancing – but we can safely visit people where this is needed. We have not had to reduce or remove support from people for it to be used to support people who have higher needs.

We have been planning carefully for any pressures that might occur and we hope not to have to use the emergency powers under easements. We have developed a clear decision process to ensure that any changes are fully and carefully considered before we decide to use any of the new powers.

How will we keep people informed if we do? 

This page will be updated to reflect any changes which we are required to make under easements. We will let key partners, forums and service user groups know about our position and any intention to change the way in which we work.

We will also contact people who use our services directly, if changes are put in place that could affect their current support.

What should I do if I need more support?

If you feel you need anything from us or if you want to change the support you are getting, please contact us. If you have a worker or team you can contact them directly. If not, phone us on 0116 454 1004. (Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm, Friday 8.30pm – 4.30pm).

During out of office hours call our emergency duty team is available on the same number.