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General election 2024

The results for the general election have been declared. Shivani Raja (The Conservative Party Candidate), Adam Shockat (Independent), and Liz Kendall (Labour Party) are elected.

Leicester East result

Candidate name Description of candidate Votes
ADAM Malihah Independent 974
AGATH Nagarjun Independent 703
AGRAWAL Rajesh Labour Party 10,100
HAQ Zuffar Iqbal Liberal Democrats 6,329
LEWIS Mags The Green Party 2,143
PATEL Khandu Independent 115
RAJA Shivani The Conservative Party Candidate 14,526
SOLANKI Raj Reform UK 2,611
VAZ Keith Anthony One Leicester 3,681
WEBBE Claudia Naomi Independent 5,532

255 ballot papers were rejected. Turnout was 61.25%.

Leicester South result

Candidate name Description of candidate Votes
ADAM Shockat Independent 14,739
ADLORE Ezechiel The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 189
ADMANI Osman Ghani Independent 329
ASHWORTH Jonathan Michael Graham Labour Party 13,760
GREEN Ann Waltrina Communist Party of Britain 279
HARWOOD Craig Stanton Reform UK 2,470
HICKTON Gerri The Conservative Party Candidate 4,820
RAHMAN Sharmen The Green Party 3,826
WEAVER Carol Liberal Democrats 1,425

Turnout was 59.18%. 158 ballot papers were rejected.

Leicester West result

Candidate name Description of candidate Votes
BORA Aasiya The Green Party 4,089
CHAUHAN Max The Conservative Party Candidate 7,021
FEIST Benjamin Liberal Democrats 2,179
HAYES Ian Edward Reform UK 5,666
KENDALL Liz Labour Party 15,798
NAIK Rahoul One Leicester 327
SCORE Steve Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  317

Turnout was 47.99%. 161 ballot papers were rejected.