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Beaumont Leys

The results for Beaumont Leys ward have been declared. Vi Dempster (Labour), Hemant Rae Bhatia (Labour) and Paul Thomas Westley are elected. Turnout was 25.79%.

Candidate Party Votes
Suzanne Burnside The Conservative Party Candidate 663
Vi Dempster Labour Party 1563
Shane David Durrant UK Independence Party (UKIP) 303
Tracey Greaves UK Independence Party (UKIP) 309
Gary Glendon Hunt Liberal Democrats 253
Praful Ladwa The Conservative Party Candidate 554
Stephen Edward Massey The Green Party 340
Alex Morgan Socialist Alternative 102
Hemant Rae Bhatia Labour Party 1563
Rob Reeves The Green Party 289
Sameer Dilipkumar Thanki The Conservative Party Candidate 558
Paul Thomas Westley Labour Party 1579
Carol Young UK Independence Party (UKIP) 335