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Enabling our best work (Appendix 3)

Leicester City Council’s Leadership Qualities underpin the Vision and Values and outline the behaviours we expect our leaders to demonstrate in the workplace. These behaviours are what our people say enables and inspires them to do their best work.

Leadership qualities

People centred

Be fair, put people at the centre of what we do

  • Takes time to understand individual’s views and feelings and adapts their own behaviour and style as appropriate.
  • Shows respect for the views of others and gives recognition for their contributions; valuing diversity.


Be Accountable and outcome focused

  • Agrees clear outcomes / objectives and holds the individual and team to account.
  • Involves team in creating a shared purpose to help them develop and achieve results.


Be clear, making time to reflect, analyse and develop.

  • Encourages and enables team to reflect and act on evaluation and feedback.
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement: sees successes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and develop.


Be confident, igniting creativity, supporting development and role modelling

  • Creates space and time for the team to be innovative and creative.
  • Supports team development and encourages autonomy and freedom to enable team to do their best work.


Be respectful, build impactful relationships

  • Has regular quality conversations, speaks honestly and challenges constructively.
  • Proactively develops positive trusting relationships within the team.

Leicester City Council will operate with creativity and drive for the benefit of Leicester and its people.

Be confident | Be clear | Be respectful | Be fair | Be accountable