Apprenticeship changes

Apprenticeships in England are changing. As a result of government reforms, a new style of apprenticeships has been designed.

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Why is it changing?

In 2012, a review of apprenticeships was carried out to identify whether apprenticeships delivered the training, qualifications and skills that employers and learners needed.

The report highlighted that a significant number of employers felt the current Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) frameworks were not fit for industry needs. As a result, the government formed a strategy to redefine apprenticeships to meet these changing needs.

The ‘trailblazer’ aims to meet the changing needs of employers, learners and providers.

What is the aim of trailblazer apprenticeships?

  • Give employers control in designing apprenticeships
  • Increase the flexibility of delivery
  • Simplify the funding system
  • Increase the effectiveness of training.

When do the trailblazer apprenticeships begin?

They have already started in some occupations. The government had anticipated that all new apprenticeships starting from 2017 must meet the new trailblazer standards. However, the development of these new apprenticeship standards is taking much longer that they'd anticipated. 

Introduction of new apprenticeship standards

New apprenticeship standards will replace the current SASE frameworks. The standards will:

  • Define an apprenticeship that lasts a minimum of 12 months
  • Be linked to a specific occupational level
  • Respond to employers' needs, ensuring that apprenticeships are high quality and rigorous and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour required for a specific job role
  • Be designed to prepare the apprentice for the (newly introduced) end-point assessment.

Standards are created by groups of employers - known as trailblazers. 

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