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Our vision and values

Our vision and values help define what we do. These principles link our staff and departments to help ensure that we all work towards the same goals.

Our vision

Our vision is that we will work with creativity and drive for the benefit of the people that live and work in our city.

Our values

To achieve this, we have committed to five values. These are: confidence, clarity, respectfulness, fairness and accountability.

If you decide to come to work for us, these values will help you understand your role within the wider organisation, and how the work you do ties in with everyone else’s work.

What does this mean?

Confidence means leading by example and focusing on results. This helps raise the standard of our work, as confidence breeds success.

Clarity means ensuring that communications and messages are easy to understand. This makes working between departments easier and ensures that members of the public can understand what we do.

Respectfulness is something we take very seriously. It is important that every employee of the council understands how their behaviour affects others.

It is also important that we work in an atmosphere of fairness. This means we listen to others’ opinions and allow everyone to have their say.

Accountability means that everyone in the organisation takes responsibility for their own performance. By doing this, we all improve the quality of our own work and the work of the organisation as a whole.

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