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Leicester Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). Health and social care needs, 2016.

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Assessment of Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) indicators for Leicester, to inform the identification of high level health and wellbeing challenges.


As part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2016, work was undertaken to identify the high level health and wellbeing challenges for Leicester. This is underpinned by an assessment of underlying issues derived from the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) indicators.

The ranking below is the result of a deliberative process which reviewed those PHOF indicators for Leicester which were either statistically significantly worse than the England average, or statistically significantly worsening from the previous reporting period. These were considered against explicit criteria.

The document attached below provides details of the process followed.

In ranked order, the key areas for improving health and wellbeing in the city are:

Children and young people

To continue to address the health and wellbeing issues faced by children and young people which have a significant impact on all areas of their development and their later life chances.

Lifestyles and prevention 

Addressing the modifiable behaviour and beliefs which increase the likelihood of poorer health and wellbeing, long term conditions, increased use of health and social care services and which can lead to higher risk of premature death in mid- and later life.

Long term conditions

Tackling the chronic health conditions in the population which require prevention, management and care and which are, in large part, related to the major causes of early death in the city.

Mental wellbeing

Addressing the actions which support health and wellbeing through the development of personal resilience, the ability to enjoy life and to adapt positively in the face of personal and social adversity.

Wider determinants of health and wellbeing

Addressing factors, beyond individual lifestyles, which drive poorer health and wellbeing and which require solutions based on the organised efforts of the community and wider society

Health protection

Ensuring that systems which protect the public from threats to their health and wellbeing are in place and are effective.

This work helps to inform the development of priorities for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016 onwards and to provide assurance of the relevance of existing priorities for the City. The accompanying report provides information on the process undertaken, assessment criteria adopted, approach to the PHOF and the results of the assessment process.

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