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Setting the context

Leicester Children's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA): Children and young people (CYP) overview of demography, health and child poverty.

Leicester has a unique demography, with a rich ethnic profile and a younger age-structure than seen for England overall. The 0-24 year population (CYP) in Leicester has rapidly grown over the last two decades and is projected to continue growing at a faster rate than for England overall. It is important that during these formative years, CYP have equal opportunities that can optimise growth and development, which can have lasting impact into adulthood.

The following chapter sets the scene on the CYP population in Leicester and provides an overview on Leicester’s CYP, including:

  • Demography: Resident and school population including ethnicities, languages spoken, religious faiths, and children with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Child poverty: Measures and estimates of child poverty in the city
  • Health and wellbeing: Life expectancy, general health and vulnerable children

For a detailed overview of Leicester’s overall population profile, please see our Leicester Adults JSNA: Living in Leicester section.