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Community opportunities and day services for adults

Information for organisations who are providing, or are planning to provide community activities, opportunities and day services for vulnerable adults in Leicester.

Where are we going?

A framework contract for community opportunities was let in April 2018 and runs until 2023. The service supports people with:

  • learning disability (moderate to severe)
  • autistic spectrum conditions
  • mental ill health
  • physical disability and or frailty
  • sensory impairments (people who are deaf / hearing impaired, deaf/blind, or visually impaired)
  • acquired brain injury
  • dementia

A commissioning review is taking place during 2021 with the aim of identifying future demand for this type of service and what type of contractual arrangements are most appropriate. New arrangements, procured if necessary, will start on 29 March 2023.

Feedback has shown that services need to be more flexible and offer people more choice of activities. Any future community opportunities arrangements will aim to offer a more flexible service than previously, with a mix of building based provision and outreach support with activities to be offered across local communities and from a range of community settings. Support can be provided in a group setting, either large or small and/or on a one-to-one basis.  In addition, where demand exists, services could be available in the evening, weekends and bank holidays. 

Activities must aim to:

  • improve and maintain health and wellbeing, with a focus on being fit and active, improving mobility and movement, mental well health and mindfulness;
  • maintain and increase independence through personal and life skills development –including use of public transport, cooking, money management, IT use, confidence building and decision making;
  • maintain and increase independence through developing and increasing skills to improve access to employment, volunteering, education and training;
  • have an emphasis on inclusive activities and support that enable people to access existing/mainstream/wider community and leisure services; and
  • provide opportunities for building meaningful social connections, for example through self-help, peer support, befriending and volunteering

What does this mean for providers?

We will continue to monitor usage of the new framework agreement as well as the take up of services through direct payments.

More people are also choosing to access a broader range of community opportunities by using a direct payment or pre-payment card, as this currently offers a wider choice of provision.  Any future commissioned provision should also offer more choice and variety of activities as well as a more flexible, tailored service to meet people’s needs and aspirations.

There are opportunities for new and innovative providers to meet the needs of this market. Service providers need to cater for Leicester’s diverse communities and tailor their offer to meet a range of needs.

Rebecca Hayward, Business Change Commissioning Manager