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Learning disability and autism services for adults

Information for organisations who are providing, or are planning to provide services for adults with learning disabilities or autism in Leicester.


In 2020 we published Joint Learning Disabilities Commissioning Strategy 2020-2022 with Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (see quick link above). The strategy was co-produced with people from Leicester, including people with a lived experience of a learning disability, family members and other unpaid carer givers, industry organisations, and practitioners from health and social care backgrounds.

The strategy provides the blueprint for improving and maintaining quality service provision, and ensuring equal access to wider health, public health and council services.

Our work for transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or autism continues in partnership with Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council, Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups and other partners.

Where are we now?

Learning disabilities

We are now starting to implement some of the actions set out in the strategy. This includes developing workforce skills in areas such as creating easy read documents, understanding ‘reasonable adjustments’ and strengths-based practice.

We are working closely with our health partners to take forward the national Transforming Care programme in Leicester. This aims to continuously improve services for people with learning disabilities and or autism. The council also now has a dedicated social care team to lead and improve the way we work with people in response to the programme.

We have an active Learning Disability Partnership Board which brings people together to shape developments in the city that will make a difference to people with learning disabilities and their family carers.

The Partnership Board is made up of people with learning disabilities and family carers, as well as a range of statutory, independent and voluntary sector agencies, including the police and the NHS.  

The council supports a group of people with learning disabilities called ‘We Think’ to enable people with lived experience to take part in the Partnership Board meetings.


There is also a Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Autism Partnership Board that is currently hosted by Leicestershire County Council, though responsibility for the board rotates between partner agencies. Like the Learning Disability Partnership Board in Leicester, this is an active partnership of people with Autism, their family carers and partners from across the statutory, independent and voluntary sector.

Where are we going?

From 2021 we will be doing more work nationally to ensure that people with learning disabilities and autism are properly prioritised for COVID-19 vaccinations.


Work will also be done to renew the existing Autism Strategy. This will be co-produced with people with Autism and their families to ensure that actions are the right ones and have a focus on ensuring people with Autism and their families get the support they need. This will include the launch of a website called Autism Space which is currently in development. The new website will be provide information, advice and guidance for people with Autism, their families, and other professionals involved in their care and support.

Learning disabilities

Work will also continue to implement the Joint Learning Disabilities Commissioning Strategy 2020-2022 (PDF) (see quick link above). We will also be reviewing respite services to make sure we are providing the most effective respite options needed for people with a learning disability and or autism.

What this means for providers

Providers should also make themselves familiar with the Joint Learning Disabilities Commissioning Strategy 2020-2022 (PDF) (see quick link above). This outlines the expectations and required standards that will be required of our care market for people with learning disabilities in the coming two years. Providers will be invited to engage with commissioners and people with Autism as part of the development to renew the strategy.

Part of the ambition of this strategy is to improve choice and control for people in relation to all services including community opportunities, respite, supported living and flexible support.

Other useful information for providers

We are now planning to expand the reach and impact of the Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) for the future. To do this we will develop our use of web-based platforms to promote and store LDPB papers, minutes and presentations, so that this will mean that non-members can also access to these documents to understand better what the core priorities are across the Leicester City health and social care system.

A Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland- Every Voice Counts programme is currently being developed. This aims to enable people with learning disabilities to share their experiences shape future service design.

Michelle Larke – Lead Commissioner