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Engagement and co-production in commissioning

We will involve children, young people, families and carers in all of our work to plan and review services. Wherever possible, we will take a co-production approach. The way in which we do this will vary for each piece of work but there are some key drivers to achieving this.

We will work with our engagement forums to people that use our services to understand the issues and to seek views on how to commission our services. These include:

  • Big Mouth Forum (Leicester City)
  • Parent Carers Forum (Leicester City)
  • Leicestershire Parent and Carer Forum
  • Rutland Voice
  • Healthwatch

We want to work together with children, young people and families to help us understand their experiences of living with SEND and using our services. We will work with them to gain insight into services from their points of view and to work together to plan services for the future that represent the best use of the resources we have.  Where solutions cannot be found, for example when finances don’t allow or there are legal limitations to what we can do, we will use this engagement to help people understand the situation.