North east area

After a public consultation, we made the decision to reorganise neighbourhood services in the north east area.

Further information

Having considered public feedback, we are now consulting on further options for the Netherhall and Armadale buildings. You can find out more by following the quick link above.

Changes to neighbourhood services

Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre

  • Redecorate some areas of the building including the main hall
  • Work with centre users to change lunch club provision. Work with partners to develop a reduced size kitchen facility suitable for community use. It is likely that the current operating model will change and consideration will have to be given to the capacity to cook a high volume of meals onsite.
  • Move adult learning classrooms into Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre to deliver Engish language and other classes
  • Review room hire arrangements to free up more space for additional activities and to increase income.
  • Explore car parking controls to improve availability for centre users

Belgrave Library

  • Retain the library service at the current location at this time
  • Review service operations in line with consultation feedback to improve efficiency
  • Review the location of Belgrave Library service after operational changes have been embedded at Belgrave neighbourhood Centre
  • Install library and customer self-service terminals to provide additional access to council services

Rushey Mead Recreation Centre

  • Invest in the building to free up additional space
  • Work with stakeholders to combine staffed library services and community activities at this centre
  • Install library self-service equipment

Rushey Mead Library

  • Move library services into Rushey Mead Recreation Centre
  • Explore a range of options for disposal of Rushey Mead Library including lease, sale or demolition

Northfields Neighbourhood and Youth Centre

  • Dispose of the building as a community resource. Explore options including community asset transfer, rental or sale of the centre or reuse of the centre.
  • If groups need to move, work with them to identify the best location for their needs
  • Explore alternative options for delivering youth sessions in the area, including street based sessions

Armadale Youth Centre and Netherhall Neighbourhood Centre

  • Consult on additional options for Netherhall Neighbourhood Centre and Armadale Centre

Hamilton Library and Learning Centre

  • Redevelop the building as 'Hamilton Library and Community Centre'
  • Improve access to the hall for community use
  • Review service operations in line with consultation feedback to improve efficiency
  • Install a customer self-service facility to enable additional access to council services

Ocean Road Community Centre

  • Explore options for disposal of the building including demolition or sale
  • Work with groups to identify the best location for their needs

Thurnby Lodge Youth and Community Centre

  • Retain the youth and community centre
  • Increase use of the youth and community spaces to accommodate some relocated activities
  • Explore ways of reducing centre running costs with existing partners