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Support for refugees and people in crisis in Leicester

Thank you for your interest in wanting to support refugees in Leicester. Leicester has been welcoming refugees from around the world for many years. We have recently welcomed some new families from Afghanistan, and they are currently staying in hotels in the city.

What's the current situation?

All of their essential needs are currently being met by the Home Office, including meals, clothing and other essentials. We have experienced council support workers helping with other needs such as getting children into school and helping the families to settle into the city.

For this reason, the families don’t currently need donations. When the families move on to long-term accommodation, we will be working with local charities to provide furniture and other essentials as we do with other vulnerable people in the city.

How can I help?

If you are still keen to help you could make a financial donation or offer your time to one of the local or national charities in the city that supports refugees and unaccompanied asylum seekers. These include: