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Industrial emissions

We issue permits to approved polluting activities and also maintain the public register of these permits.

How do I get a permit?

You can submit an application to our Noise and Pollution Team. For application enquiries and forms, please contact the Noise and Pollution Team on 0116 4543141. A permit with a number of conditions can then be issued. The operator must then comply with these conditions. 

A permit application may be refused if we believe the operator will not be able to comply, and we have the power to prosecute operators who do not comply with their permit conditions. 

Further information on pollution prevention and control is available at  Department of Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Application fees and forms

DEFRA sets out the relevant fees for Part B (LAPPC) and Part A2 (LA-IPPC) processes.

If you own a business and think you may require a permit to operate a regulated process, or you own a business and hold a permit that you need to vary, transfer or surrender, please use the application forms

Certain industrial activities are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA). to apply for a permit issued by the EA, please visit their website

New permit applications

Permit applications are subject to public consultation and as such, if you have any comments you wish to make about the applications listed below, please email these to

  • There are currently no new permit applications

Mobile crusher notification

Please contact us with the following information if you are going to be operating a mobile crusher in Leicester:

  • Operator
  • Dates of operation 
  • Location 
  • Local authority permit is issued by 
  • Permit number

Public register

We are required to maintain a public register containing information on all the processes permitted in Leicester city which we regulate. You can download details at the bottom of the page. Permit holders are listed according to the type of process that they operate. 

You may need to contact us if you:

  • Are a new business and think you might require a permit to operate
  • Operate an existing process which you are concerned might require a permit
  • Are a member of the public and believe that you have identified a facility operating an un-permitted regulated process.