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Recycling in flats

Bin for flat residents

Most flats in Leicester have now been individually assessed and provided with either orange bags or communal recycling bins.

I have been given orange bags - how do I recycle?

You can download our recycling at home leaflet at the bottom of the page, which explains more about your recycling service - whether you live in a flat or a house. If you have been given orange bags these are to be used in the same way as houses. 

I have been given a shared communal bin - how do I recycle?

If your flat has communal bins, you will have been given one or more of the following types of bins depending on your needs:

  • Coloured 140 litre bin
  • Orange 240 litre bin
  • 1,100 litre bin.

Some flats have mini recycling centres or on-street recycling units. You can recycle the same items in any of the recycling bins as you can in the orange bags. The bins will be clearly labelled as recycling bins with a list of items you can recycle on the front.

Contact us if you are unsure where your nearest shared recycling bin is located.