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Reusable nappies

Reusable nappies have come a long way since the terry cloth days, with the modern alternatives having many benefits for you and your baby beyond saving significant amounts of waste.

Why choose reusable nappies?

 They can reduce occurrence of nappy rash and thrush

  • They can help reduce potty training times
  • They can help you save money compared with disposable nappies
  • They are easy to use and clean
  • You can line-dry rather than tumble dry them
  • They can be used again if you have another baby
  • Cloth nappies come in attractive prints and can be co-ordinated with your baby's outfits
  • You can prevent up to one tonne of waste per baby – about 70 full bin bags!

Remember, you don’t have to use reusable nappies for every change – just using reusable nappies when at home can still hugely reduce the waste created.

Nappy lending library 

The Leicester Cloth Nappy Library allows you to hire packs of reusable nappies so that you can try before you buy. With so many different styles available this is a great way to figure out which ones work for you and your baby before you buy your own.

They also offer long term hire of discontinued styles absolutely free!

Where can I learn more about cloth nappies? 

Oadby-based retailer The Nappy Guru has some great resources to help you learn more about cloth nappies:

Where can I buy nappies?

Second-hand cloth nappies

The most environmentally friendly way to use cloth nappies is to buy them second-hand.

Used nappies is an auction site in the UK dedicated to pre-loved reusable nappies.

Cloth nappy tree has a pre-used nappy marketplace area.

You could also check popular resale platforms like eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace.

Online retailers for new cloth nappies

Other useful contacts  

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