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Terms and conditions for trade waste facility

Read the full terms and conditions for our trade waste facility.

  1. No VAT is applied.
  2. Prices are subject to change at any time.
  3. All materials weighed are to the nearest 20kg.
  4. All materials must be separated by the customer and deposited into the correct container(s).
  5. The site rules displayed on the weighbridge building apply at all times.
  6. Site users will be expected to dispose of their waste themselves, though there are staff on site that may be able to assist with large loads.
  7. Tipper vans are welcome to use the facility but cannot use the tipping machinery on site – all waste must be manually removed and placed into the correct container.
  8. The site supervisor has discretion over the quantities that can be disposed of.
  9. Full payment must be made before you leave the facility – we do not offer an account or invoicing service.
  10. This service is monitored with automatic number-plate recognition software (ANPR) and CCTV.
  11. All prices are calculated by weighing the waste in the vehicle, and then weighing the empty vehicle. Waste alone cannot be weighed on the weighbridge.
  12. A minimum charge applies to each material tipped, which is equal to the price for 20kg.