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1842, 1848, 1859 WILLIAM BIGGS


1842, 1848,   1859 (19 April) WILLIAM BIGGS, (Hosier).




A younger brother of Alderman. John Biggs, already noticed; born at Leic. In 1804, elected a member of the new council 26 December 1835 for North St. Margaret's Ward, an Alderman 1845, again mayor 1848 and supplementary mayor 1859. In 1850, he was appointed a J.P. For several years, he was M.P. for Newport, Isle of Wight. He died at his residence, 195, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, 3 October 1881 in his seventy-seventh year and was buried at the Welford Road Cemetery, Leic., a few days later. M.I. His will, if he made one, has not been traced at any Probate Registry before 1905.




19 April Elected mayor a third time in room of AId. Noble, resigned, to complete the term.