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Security Standards and Guidelines


Our Standards

Any application supplied to Leicester City Council must be designed with security in mind. Leicester City Council strives to ensure all possible measures are taken to secure personal data and avoid unauthorised access to other data and services hosted on the Leicester City Council network


Internal Auditing

All applications are subject to a full security audit by Leicester City Council Internal Audit before entering production status


Penetration Testing

Where appropriate, Leicester City Council will arrange for applications to be penetration tested by external agencies and seek remedial action on issues found before the application can enter production status. 


Information Infrastructure Security Policy

Download the Information Infrastructure Security Policy for a comprehensive set of standards for IT systems. See Annex A for a high level overview of our technical standard



Guidelines to help meet our standards will be published here soon.

Version History

Version: 1.0

Date: 11/11/11

Change: First draft

Author: Yasin Jassat