Diwali set to light up Leicester


Leicester’s Diwali celebrations return to light up our streets this October.

Further information

Diwali, one of the most the most significant cultural events in the Hindu, Sikh and Jain calendars, has been celebrated in Leicester for many years.

Today, our celebration is one of the biggest Diwali events outside of India.The festival kicks off with our famous lights switch-on on Sunday 8 October and culminates with a glorious fireworks display and entertainment on Diwali Day Thursday 19 October.

We have a fantastic selection of events taking place around the city during the fortnight, and hope you can join us for family fun and entertainment. The festivities will begin with the illumination of the Diwali lights the Golden Mile, on Sunday 8 October.

Up to 40,000 people will watch the lights switch-on, which follows a vibrant programme of music and dance.The stage programme for Diwali Switch On will run 5.30-8pm on Belgrave Road with the lights turned on at 7.30pm. Fireworks will follow, and this year they can be viewed from Belgrave Road.

The Golden Mile will be bathed in light throughout the festive period until Diwali Day, when the celebrations continue at Cossington Street Recreation Ground and the Golden Mile. Diwali Day events start from 3pm, with the stage programme before the firework show at 6pm.

Other events in this year’s Diwali programme include

  • Indian music appreciation (7pm, 5 October, Attenborough Arts Centre) - Learn about Indian music from the experts and develop a new appreciation.
  • Diwali Wheel of Light (6 October - 5 November, Belgrave Road) - The glittering centrepiece to the Golden Mile illuminations returns.
  • 6,000 Lights - the story of Diwali in Leicester (7-29 October, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery) - Explore the history of Diwali celebrations in Leicester, from humble beginnings in the 1960s to today’s magnificent festival of light.
  • Diwali Family Day (14 October, Curve) - Get your celebrations off to a vibrant start with a variety of activities including: The Magic Fish; Ramayana; Mehndi; family workshops; backstage tours; live music and dance; storytelling and Diwali crafts. The event is free but some activities must be booked.
  • The Magic Fish (14 October, Curve) - A classic Indian tale retold through dance. Tickets £8.These are just some of the fantastic events that can be enjoyed as part of Diwali 2017.

For full event listings, timings and more, please go to www.visitleicester.info