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Information for Chaperons

It is the responsibility of the LEA to ascertain the suitability of applicants who wish to become chaperons.  The process of assessment is explained below.


1) Applicants will be interviewed to ascertain their suitability for the gender and age range of the children to be looked after. 


2) The LEA needs to be assured that the applicant is aware of the full requirements of being a chaperon.  This entails being a carer on a temporary basis and acting in ‘loco parentis’ as defined in s.3(5) of the Children Act.


3) Potential Chaperons must know the requirements of children’s licences.


4) Chaperons must be aware of Health & Safety requirements.  These will vary at different venues.


5) Child Protection is an important aspect of the role of Chaperon.  A Chaperon should be aware of Child Protection Procedures. 



Further details can be obtained from:

Education Welfare Service

Collegiate House

College Street




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