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Leicester HomeChoice is a choice-based lettings scheme, which enables people to see what social housing is available for rent in the city.


The scheme helps people to have a say in where and when they wish to move.


If you are using a Leicester City Council computer you can visit the Leicester HomeChoice website here.

If you are using any other computer you can visit the Leicester HomeChoice website here.

  • How does HomeChoice work?
  • How will properties be advertised?
  • How do you apply for a property?
  • Feedback on applications
  • Why have we changed the way we let our properties?
  • Guides and information


How does HomeChoice work?

There are three steps to applying for accommodation using HomeChoice:


  1. Join the Housing Register

  2. View the advertised properties

  3. Make an application


To take part in the HomeChoice scheme, you will need to first make an application to join the Housing Register.
This application will determine your eligibility and housing need. You will then be placed in one of five bands depending on your level of housing need on the Housing Register.

Once you are on the Housing Register, you will be able to apply for any of the properties you are eligible for, we advertise.

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How will properties be advertised?

To give applicants easy-to-read information about the empty properties they will be advertised using symbols describing:

  • Area of the city.
  • Street name.
  • Rent and service charge costs (if applicable).
  • Property type (i.e. house/flat).
  • Number of bedrooms.
  • Any special features (i.e. wheelchair access/shower).

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How do you apply for a property?

Once you are on the Housing Register and have selected an advertised property you can apply for it in a number ways:


Each application cycle starts at 6.00am on a Wednesday and ends at midnight on the following Monday. You are allowed up to three choices per week. It does not matter at what time or which day people apply for the properties they are interested in during this cycle. Full application guidelines on can be see in the HomeChoice guide 


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Feedback on applications

Feedback is given on successful lets in the weekly vacancy sheet that advertises empty properties, after the property has been let. This includes:

  • The advert number of the property advertised
  • The property details
  • The number of people who applied to be considered for the property
  • The band the property was offered to


Guides and information:


Leicester HomeChoice Vacancy Sheet

(Due to the number of photographs, this document may take some time to load)


Leicester HomeChoice Guide 

Leicester HomeChoice Guide (Gujarati)

Leicester HomeChoice Guide (Hindi)

Leicester HomeChoice Guide (Punjabi)

Leicester HomeChoice Guide (Somali)

Leicester HomeChoice Guide (Urdu)


Leicester HomeChoice Access Strategy

Leicester HomeChoice Icon Guide

Leicester HomeChoice Area Map

Leicester HomeChoice Access Points Map

Leicester HomeChoice Information Sheet



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