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Council Tax

Council Tax is a local tax that raises money to help provide services like education, refuse collection and social services to almost 130,000 Leicester households.


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How to pay your Council Tax.


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Each February, councillors agree a budget, which establishes how much money needs to be collected via Council Tax.


A bill is then sent to each home that shows how much needs to be paid. The bill includes the charges payable for the police authority and the fire service, as well as the charge for the city.


The amount payable is based on a valuation of each home, and the number of people that live there.


The person who needs to pay the bill is usually the person that lives there as their main home. There are various ways the amount payable can be reduced.

A range of online Council Tax forms and printable forms are available, including discount and benefit applications and change of address forms.


The council will NEVER telephone or email you to ask for your bank details. NEVER disclose your bank details to anyone in an unexpected telephone call or email.