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Uninhabitable Properties Guide For Owners

If you think your property is uninhabitable you will need to contact the Valuation Office Agency, not us, and ask for the property to be taken out of the rating list. You need to do this straight away, as it is unlikely that the Agency will agree to take the property out of the rating list retrospectively.


The Valuation Office Agency will let us know if it has agreed with you to take the property out of rating, and we will update our records. You need to carry on paying your business rate until it is decided to take the property out of rating, and you will be sent a refund for any overpayment on your account once the property is removed.


You also need to tell us within 21 days of any repair work being finished and the property can then be reported to the Valuation Office Agency to bring it back into rating.


If you want to ask for your property to be taken out of rating the contact details for the Valuation Office Agency are as follows:


Non-Domestic Rates East,

Valuation Office Agency,

Rosebery Court, Central Avenue,

St Andrews Business Park,




Phone: 03000 501501

Fax: 03000 505454