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Richard III: Leicester's Search for a King

Richard III:
Leicester’s Search for a King
On now
until 1 June 2014
The Guildhall

Exhibition telling the story of King Richard III, his life and times and the search for his lost remains. 

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Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 -1913) The Leicester Connection

Alfred Russell Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 -1913)
The Leicester Connection
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Alfred Wallace was one of the foremost naturalists of the nineteenth century, discovering the mechanism of the evolution of life on Earth independently of Charles Darwin. He spent a little over a year in Leicester as a young man, but this brief time was crucial to his later scientific discoveries. A small temporary display at the museum tells the story.

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World War One commemorations in Leicester

Leicester Remembers the Great War

A series of exhibitions, events and workshops about Leicester during the World War I.

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Open 25 exhibition

Open 25
On now until 27 April 2014
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

The annual Open exhibition presents an exciting opportunity for young and established artists to showcase their creative talents.

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Silk Fortress Turban

British Museum Spotlight Loan Programme: Sikh Fortress Turban 
24 May - 17 August 2014
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Unravel the stories of the Sikh turban and discover how and why turbans symbolise Sikh faith and identity.

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Eye for Colour exhibition at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Eye for Colour
24 May – 31 August 2014
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Add some colour to your life with this inspiring exhibition. 'Eye for Colour’ is a visual feast that will alert the senses and stimulate the mind. Packed with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays, it explores the endless ways in which colour shapes our world. 

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The Victorian Art Gallery

The Victorian Art Gallery
Opens 24 May
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

The Victorian Art Gallery re-opens after extensive refurbishment work with a new display, including restored oil paintings and artworks returning to display.

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Expressionism: The Total Artwork

Expressionism: The Total Artwork
Opens 24 May
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

We are proud to host the largest collection of German Expressionist artwork in the UK, and with support from Arts Council England are re-displaying the collection this summer.

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The Ageing Society

Ageing Society Exhibition

The Ageing Society
16 − 20 June 2014
Newarke Houses Museum



Following their successful 'Ambition' exhibition last year, this exhibition showcases work from second year Fine Art students at De Montfort University based on the theme of our ageing society. Work comes from a variety of media including sculpture, paint, print and audio visual.

Archaeology and Endeavour

Archaeology and Endeavour
Jewry Wall Museum

A new display on the history of archaeology in Leicester, explaining why our city has such rich and interesting museum collections. It includes a stunning display of extremely rare medieval glass from Wygston’s House.

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Royal Leicestershire Regimental Gallery

The Royal Leicestershire Regiment Gallery
Newarke Houses Museum

Follow the story of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment, reflecting on its many campaigns, individual acts of bravery and the every day life of a soldier.

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