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The Panelled Room: An Evening in 1645... Built in 1583, the Panelled Room is in the oldest part of Skeffington House. It is laid out using historic furniture and shows how it might have looked in 1645 during the ‘Siege of Leicester’ in the English Civil War.
Leicester - My Home & Moving Here

Leicester - My Home & Moving Here
The Leicester My Home & Moving Here galleries feature a host of interesting products from when ‘Leicester Clothed the World’ including well-known hosiery and shoe brands from yesteryear.

Providing an insight into the people of Leicester and where they worked through a series of evocative photographs and original advertising.

From Kampala to Leicester

From Kampala to Leicester:
The Story of Leicester’s Ugandan Asian Community, 1972 – 2012



In August 1972, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin gave the Asian community 90 days notice to leave the country. They were forced to leave almost everything in Uganda and seek refuge in other countries such as Britain and Canada.

Using original film, personal testimony and rare artefacts borrowed from Leicester’s Ugandan Asian community, the exhibition tells a powerful and important story of survival, sacrifice and adventure and success. Exhibition formerly on temporary display at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.

Toys and Games Gallery... Discover the toys and games that generations of children have played with and find out how they have changed.

Playing games is a way children explore and engage with the world around them. As people travel from country to country, the toys and games they take with them become part of the lives of children around the world.

Growing Up...Growing up is about discovery and change. This is when we find our place in the world and create our identity. Playing and learning helps us understand the world around us. Explore ‘growing up’ through things that Leicester people experienced such as music and fashions from other places and times.
At the Flicks... A night out at the pictures has been part of Leicester life since 1896, the year the first moving picture show came to the city. Take your seat in Newarke Houses’ own 1950s picture house and enjoy the films on show. See how Leicester has changed as you look back in time.

Meet Daniel Lambert... Born in Leicester in 1770, Daniel Lambert worked as the gaoler in the Bridewell prison and was a much-admired national character. Gaining a reputation as a kind and humane man, he became a celebrity due to his remarkable size of 52 stone 11 pounds (more than four average sized men). Discover Daniel’s clothes, furniture and personal items in this ever-popular gallery.

Street Scene... Experience the Wharf Street area of Leicester in the 1940s where it was said you could buy ‘everything from a pin to an elephant’.

Open seven days a week offering credit or ‘tick’, and serving as a local meeting place, these shops were central to the lives of people who often struggled to get by on low incomes.

the Jolly Angler public house, a grocer and drapers and see window displays in the pawnshop, chemist and tobacconist. Listen to the sounds of the streets and shops of the 1940s.

The Museum of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment... Follow the story of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment.

Find out more about the The Museum of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment...

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