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German Expressionism Gallery at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

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Expressionism: The Total Artwork

New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

New Walk Museum & Art Gallery are proud to host the largest collection of German Expressionist artwork in the UK, and with support from Arts Council England have re-displayed the collection.

Our new gallery uses cutting edge museum design to uncover the remarkable story behind our collection. Exploring how and why German and other Expressionist artists revealed their innermost emotions through art, dance, music and drama.

The gallery is accompanied by a new website presenting our collection online for the first time, events and performance space to evoke the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ (the total artwork).

Supported by Arts Council England.

View a selection of artworks in the collection.

The German Expressionism collection in the media

Imagine - We are delighted that our German Expressionism collection featured in BBC1's Imagine programme exposing the truth and scale of Nazi Looted Art in the brilliant two part documentary 'The Art That Hitler Hated'.

The documentary is available on BBC iPlayer with the Hess collection featured in part one. In part two New Walk Museum & Art Gallery's German Expressionism collection and its links to the Hess family's collection are profiled.

Watch part one on iPlayer

Watch part two on iPlayer

Art treasures that defied the Nazi terror - Article in the Sunday Telegraph profiling our German Expressionist collection and its fascinating history.
Read the article on the Telegraph website...

The collection

Leicester's has a remarkable collection of German Expressionist Art. Founded in Leicester during the dark days of war, now with almost 500 artworks, the collection is acclaimed as the finest of its kind in the UK.

The initial collection began with works acquired from the groundbreaking exhibition Mid-European Art’, which took place at the museum in 1944. The exhibition featured unique works from private collections, which had been brought to England and safety by refugee artists and collectors.

Expressionist artists sought to liberate powerful emotions in their art, which they believed lay beneath the surface appearance of everyday life. Artists in the collection include Marc, Kandinsky, Munter; Heckel, Kirchner, Jawlensky and Schmidt-Rottluff. Artists preceding, or influenced by Expressionism also enrich the collection, including Liebermann, Feininger, Kollwitz and Grosz.

Funding support for works in the collection has been received from The Art Fund, The V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the City of Leicester Museums Trust.