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Beautiful wedding venues

An exclusive selection of beautiful, unique and historic wedding venues are available at Leicester museums.

From the stunning 14th century timber-framed Guildhall set in the historic conservation area, the delightful 18th century Belgrave Hall and its beautiful walled gardens to the Victorian New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in the picturesque surroundings of New Walk.

Our stunning venues are perfect for couples seeking a truly romantic location for their special day. Download our wedding brochure at the bottom of this page or view here. 

At each venue, an experienced team will be on hand to help with the planning of the ceremony and will ensure you and your guests enjoy the special occasion.

Weddings at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Celebrate your special day amongst the beautiful art collections at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.

Weddings at The Guildhall
Be a part of Leicester's history by having your ceremony at the 600 year old Guildhall, one of Leicester's most unique locations.
Belgrave Hall & Gardens
Celebrate your special day at Belgrave Hall & Gardens, a lovingly restored home surrounded by serene walled gardens.

Weddings at Abbey Pumping Station

Abbey Pumping Station
Find out about wedding at Abbey Pumping Station.
The magnificent beam engine room in this monument to Victorian industry is a unique venue for your wedding. Step back in time at Abbey Pumping Station, then hold your reception in our extensive grounds.

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