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Street Lighting, White Light Installation & Energy Conservation Programme:

As part of Leicester City Council’s commitment to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint by 50% before 2025, the Street Lighting team is changing its high & low pressure sodium lighting stock to energy efficient LED’s which will help towards achieving the Councils pledge.  The new LED’s will also be connected to a computer system which will monitor the street lights (luminaries) by looking at their performance, dimming levels, detecting faults and even measure how much energy the street light is using.


The Street Lighting team is aiming to reduce its energy levels by 60% and its carbon dioxide levels by a similar figure by the end of the project.


The interactive map shows two different maps (


MAP 1:  The first map shows the order in which we intend to change over to the new street lights.  Green dots represent work undertaken between March 2013 – February 2014, yellow dots represents work undertaken between March 2014 – February 2015 and red dots represent work undertaken between March 2015 – February 2016 luminaire changes.


You may wish to zoom into your street, or even the luminaire outside your house and left click on a dot to reveal basic information relating to the changes we will be making.


By clicking on the text ‘switch to…’ in the bottom right hand section of the screen, you can access the second map.


MAP 2: This second map shows all the luminaires we are changing to LED’s.  Red dots mean the luminaires have not yet been changed.  Green dots show that they have been changed to the new light source.  If you click on the green dots, it will tell you when the luminaire was changed and what to.


Because this map will be continuously updated whilst large volumes of work are being completed, there may be a week or two delay between the luminaire actually being installed on-site and the interactive map being updated.


In general, we would like you to consider the following points if you have worries or concerns in what we are doing:

1)      We have carefully deliberated the lighting needs of each road we convert

2)      We have worked to relevant BS/ BE EN Standards to make sure point 1) above is achieved

3)      The work has to be done as part of upgrading our ageing lighting stock to the new efficient white light

4)      The order in which we replace the luminaires follows the order in which we should have routinely changed the old lamps because it allowed us to save money by not changing the old lamp, although this may appear ‘random’, there is sound logic for sticking to our programme and its route