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Transport & Streets

Sustainable Transport


  • The Sustainable Transport Team design and construct extensive "corridor" schemes to comprehensively treat transport issues.  In particular, the team assist in the design of schemes with regard to public transport, pedestrians and cycling.  The team provides planning advice to developers on these issues.


The aim is to increase the proportion of people who use buses, cycle or walk.


The Sustainable Transport team is responsible for:

Buses and Public Transport

  • Providing bus measures - including bus lanes, bus stops and shelters

  • Managing the bus information strategy

  • Managing concessionary fares for elderly people

  • Supporting non commercial bus services that provide a social need

  • Managing St. Margaret's Bus Station.


Cycling in Leicester

  • Cycle infrastructure in the City 

  • Cycle training and information

  • Supports and promotes cycling events


Walking in Leicester

  • Provides new pedestrian crossings

  • Provides dropped kerbs for disabled access

  • Provides new and improved footways

  • Provides walking routes

  • Encourages walking for health.