Bus lane fines and enforcement

We operate a bus lane enforcement scheme to improve public transport reliability, journey times and to encourage sustainable travel.

Further information

Where is bus lane enforcement implemented?

Bus lane enforcement is in place on:

Maps for the A426 Lutterworth Road and Thurcaston Road can be requested via email.

Vehicles using bus lanes

Vehicles using bus lanes to gain advantage over queuing traffic, or ignoring bus gates to enter restricted areas as shortcuts, are breaking the law and causing disruption to vehicles making legitimate use of the facilities. The only exemptions are pedal cycles, buses and licensed hackney carriages.

We will write to you if we believe you have committed an offence. Fines can be reduced to £30 if they are paid within 14 days, and you also have the right to appeal if you don't agree with the penalty.

The income generated by the fines is spent on highway improvements, including provisions for public transport.

How can I avoid a fine?

Bus lane signs and markings will clearly indicate both the start and end of bus lanes and highlight the hours of operation.

Parking and waiting/loading restrictions will be clearly signposted. If no hours of operation are displayed then the bus lane operates at all times.

More information about bus lane enforcement, and our code of practice, can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


Any documents relating to bus lane enforcement, including alternative routes, are available from us on request via email. If you have received a fine and are planning to appeal, please read the Q&A and code of practice which you can find at the bottom of this page.

How do I pay a bus lane fine?

Please complete the online form using the quick link above.


The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is a national body which considers appeals against parking fines and bus lane fines.

Parking and traffic regulations outside London (PATROL)

PATROL is the joint committee of England and Wales for the civil enforcement of parking and traffic regulations outside London.