Dog control

Our dog warden service offers assistance with roaming and stray dogs, lost dogs, dangerous dogs, dog fouling on private property and advice on controlling your dog, including enforcement action if necessary.

Further information

Roaming and stray dogs

If you find a stray dog, see a roaming dog, or have lost a dog during office hours (8am to 6pm), please call customer services on 0116 454 1000.

Outside office hours (6pm to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 9pm at weekends and bank holidays), please call 0116 373 7770.

Roaming dog complaints can only be dealt with during office hours.


If a dog's owner is identified they will be advised that their dog has strayed and been removed to our kennelling provider: College Garth Kennels, Derby Road, Hathern, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5LD, Tel: 01509 842327. Please do not report stray dogs to this number.

Please note: Dogs taken to our kennelling provider will normally not be checked for a microchip until arriving at the kennels, or the following morning.

Owners wishing to reclaim their dog must pay the relevant charges (kennelling/fine/vet fees) before the dog is released. Advice on responsible dog ownership will be given to owners reclaiming their dog.

Kennelling charges

The current charge for claiming a dog is £35 plus £9.60 per day kennelling. All charges are to be paid to the kennelling provider. If you have difficulty with transport, the kennelling provider can return your pet for an additional fee.

Please do not ask to be exempted from paying the above fees, irrespective of the circumstances under which your dog strayed. Please refer to the Environmental Protection Act (1990) Section 149 for further information.

Microchipping, collars and ID tags

Microchipping is a legal requirement, and it is also a legal requirement that your dog wears a collar and disc while in a public place.

Noisy dogs (three working day response)

Please report noisy dogs by calling customer services on 0116 4541001 or emailing us. This email is only monitored during office hours.

Dangerous dogs (same or next working day response)

The dog warden service will respond to dog-on-dog attacks. Incidents regarding a person being bitten should be reported to the police.

Please call customer services on 0116 4541001

Dog fouling (three working day response)

The dog warden service only deals with dog fouling issues in private gardens and enclosed private communal gardens.

Please call customer services on 0116 4541000 or email us. This email is only monitored during office hours.

Dog control orders in public spaces

A Public Spaces Protection Order for dog control was implemented city-wide on 1 December 2016. A fixed penalty notice of £100 is applicable and applies to irresponsible dog ownership. Full details of the dog control orders that apply can be found below.

See also

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