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Rival markets policy

The 6 2/3rd mile extends from the boundary of the market and is not limited to local authority boundaries and is measured in a straight line not via roads.

We are granted these Market Rights through our Royal Market Charter (viewable at The Record Office, The Surgery, 38 Long Street, Wigston, LE18 2AH)

However, we are also granted these as statutory powers through the Food Act 1984;

In Part III, Section 50.2 of the Local Food Act 1984 it explains that no market can be established which could interfere with any rights, powers, or privileges within the authority’s area without that person’s consent.

Why do we have a rival markets policy?

We are committed to maintaining the balance of markets throughout Leicester and ensuring that there is consistency in the way that markets are operated. A Rival Markets Policy sets out the basis upon which markets are held and the process by which applications for markets will be considered.

It is also in an effort to protect the Traders of Leicester and Beaumont Market who stand all year round from being negatively impacted. 

What constitutes a market?

The legal definition of a Market is classed as ‘a concourse of buyers and sellers’.

Which under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 establishes as 5 or more stalls.

As such any event that has 5 or more stalls meets the criteria of a Market and requires a Rival Markets licence.

If your event does not constitute a Market (under 5 stalls) then either the event organisers or traders will need a street trading licence and would recommend getting in touch with the local authority for the area of where your event is being held.

Obtaining a licence

If you wish to run an event with a Market or would like more information, then please get in touch as soon as possible using the contact details below.


Ring: 0116 223 2372