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Thinking about adoption?

We try to find the right family for each child in our care who needs to be placed for adoption.

Most of our adopters are matched to local children but we search the National Adoption Register as well. 

Your commitment 

Adoption is a commitment for life. You will become the permanent family for a child who cannot, for whatever reason, return home. You will take on all the rights and responsibilities of a birth parent. You will give the child stability, love and security throughout their childhood and beyond. 

Our commitment 

We greatly value our adopters and do our best to make the adopting experience as clear and straightforward as possible. We know that taking the first steps to becoming an adopter can be very emotional. Our staff will put you at ease and explain how to move forward from here. So, whatever you do next, don't talk yourself out of becoming a new family for a child without talking to us first. 

There are no short-cuts but we have streamlined the way we work to make sure you do not have to wait any longer than necessary at any stage. In fact we do far better than the government thresholds for finding families for our children. 


Iain and Amanda are proud parents of their little boy
"If you've got an opportunity in life to give someone a better start or a better existence, I would take it wholeheartedly."

What are the stages to adopting? 

  1. Get advice and information
  2. Assessment and preparation
  3. Approval and matching
  4. Introduction to your child and adoption order 

You can find a step-by-step guide to the adoption process on the link below: 

Next steps? 

Can I adopt?

The only way to get all the answers about your own particular situation is to have a discussion with one of our advisors.

Get in touch with us

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Come to one of our events

Speak to a member of the adoption team and get advice from those who've already adopted


Contact us 

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Ring us: 0116 454 4540 (Social worker available 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday)
Write to us: Fostering and Adoption Centre, Halford House, 91 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1HL