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Our pledge to children and young people in care

We have made a children in care pledge, this sets out our promises to all children and young people in care. The pledge will tell looked after children and care leavers what they can expect from us, how we will support them to stay safe, achieve their goals and have their wishes and feelings heard and acted upon.

Our pledge promises

  • We will tell all children and young people in care of their rights.
  • We will listen to your views and opinions and involve you in decisions about your care.
  • We will provide a safe place for you to live.
  • We will make sure that all social workers receives participation training in the Lundy Model.
  • We will support our Care Experienced Consultants.
  • We will offer opportunities for children looked after aged 11 – 16 years to take part in service evaluation.
  • We will support you with your education, both formal and informal.
  • We will not do anything that will make you stand out as a child in care.
  • We will show you how to contact your social worker.
  • We will give you access to an advocate if you need support to have your voice heard.
  • We will support you to have hopes and dreams.
  • We will respect your personal property.
  • We will celebrate your 18th birthday with you.
  • We will plan your transition from care that makes sure you are prepared and ready.
  • We will support you to understand why you are in care, and explain how you will maintain relationships with family members and other people important to you.
  • We will respect you for who you are. We will help you to develop a strong sense of personal identity and maintain your cultural and religious beliefs.
  • We will help you to access all the services you need to keep you healthy and safe.
  • We will provide opportunities for you to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself.